The Second Great Depression

Mar. 03 2010


“This cycle will not run forever. One day soon, we’ll have the boom and bust phases, but when we try the usual bailouts, they won’t work. The destructive power of the down-cycle will overwhelm the restorative ability of the government, just like it did in 1929-31, when both the financial shock and the government capacity to respond were on a much smaller scale. The result, presumably, will be something that looks and feels very much like a Second Great Depression.”


Doom and Gloom: Durable Goods

Feb. 25 2010

Market Ticker reports

  • “Most important in the “new orders” column is the decrease in computers and electronic components.”
  • “This is a leading indicator for hiring activity folks.  I’ve harped on it before and will keep doing so.  New employees = more computers and cell phones.  If you’re not seeing it there (and you’re not) then the entire premise of “a recovering employment picture” is absolute c*$p.”

Baby Experiments – Scientific Breakthrough! Sleep Study!

Feb. 22 2010

“Bottom line: A few weeks of ignoring can easily buy parents extra years of good sleep.  And they don’t even have to bite the bullet of standard ignoring; graduated ignoring is about equally effective.”

Read it here.

Southern Avenger Interviews Tom Woods Jr. (NULLIFICATION)

Feb. 22 2010

Part 1

  • Tom Woods – Best selling author of Meltdown.
  • Plenty of blame to go around, “who got drunk? well who gave them the alcohol? the federal reserve!”
  • Deregulation was the problem?…Most of the deregulation was either beneficial or did not occur.
  • What we need is more regulation?…Assumes regulators are infallible and markets are stupid, but is this the case?
  • Regulators actually encouraged the behavior we saw.
  • Wood’s next book ‘Nullification‘ (due out in June)
  • Keep voting for schmucks and think things will change.
  • States should resist *ALL* laws that violate the constitution. States should refuse to enforce them.
  • Wood’s provides a defense of Nullification from common slanderous arguments used against the idea (i.e. it is pro-slavery).
  • Chris Matthews – ignorant shill for the regime.

Part 2

  • Matthews engages in smearing everyone who engages in discussion about States Rights or Nullification.
  • Nullification is actually coming back into our national vocabulary.
  • VA will defend individuals against the Federal govt. if the feds go after individual for not buying the right kind of health care.
  • WY making it a felony for a Federal agents to go after individual for some Fed. gun law violations.
  • Tea Party posting Wood’s videos on Nullification.
  • Facebook groups for all 50 states for putting together Nullification measures.
  • CA ignoring med. marijuana laws.

Keiser Report №18: Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Feb. 22 2010

Prepare For The Worst – Ron Paul

Feb. 21 2010

Doug Wilson on Theonomy

Feb. 21 2010

* Theonomy term coined by Bhansen.
* What do you think of Theonomy?
* Joke “Oh I am against it, I hate God’s Law.”
* Every Christian is a Theonomist, we all believe God’s Word as authoritative.
* What is the continuing validity of God’s Law today?
* Westminster Confession
* Moral: Constant, through all time.
* Ceremonial: Fulfiled in Christ
* Judicial: Applied to Isreal in that state/condition excpet where the general equity thereof may require.
* General Equity Theonomist
* Parapits around roof of the house.
* General eqiuty here, you have a principle to provide protection to your guests.
* IMPORTANT: Not just the content of the Law, structure of the Law is important.
* English Common Law goes back to King Alfred
* Took laws of Deut. and applied them to England.
* Not an overarching regulatory code.
* BIBLICAL LAW is NOT ONLY consitent with Civil Liberties, it is the absolute FOUNDATION for them.
* Conservative Christians need to grasp the distinction between SIN and CRIMES.
* Civil penalties apply to crimes, not sins. Should not be a law against drunkenness.
* What is your response to Rushdoony?
* Was not a card carrying Reconstructionist.
* Appreciate a great deal of it, earlier stuff preferred to later stuff.
* Enormously helpful.
* Broader Christian world should not be shy about reading Rushdooney, Gary North, Bhansen.

I would add Chilton and Jordan to the list. Many of these books can be found for free here.